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October 20, 2009 at 3:50 pm

Celebrity Grillers Serve More than 1,600 Hot Dogs

Mark Curchack (left) and Keith Cook prepare hot dogs for the crowd.

Mark Curchack (left) and Keith Cook prepare hot dogs for the crowd.

Food is an integral part of athletic events, mused Professor Dick Wertime, an avid Phillies fan, acclaimed author and Director of the Master’s programs in English and Humanities. He might not have imagined that faculty and staff Celebrity Grillers could serve more than 1,600 free hot dogs at three Arcadia Knights sporting events, but he accurately predicted the sense of community that arose as hundreds of faculty, staff and students gathered around the grill and cheered the Knights to victory.

Truth be told, the three teams of Celebrity Grillers had help from Arcadia’s Celebrity Professional Grillers—Keith Cook, Catering Supervisor, and Jen Rodolfo, Director of Catering for Parkhurst Dining Services. As more and more students arrived, Cook and Rodolfo kept the pre-cooked dogs coming and the hot chocolate flowing, even adding veggie dogs and garden burgers to the final day of grilling.

In addition to being fans, many of the Celebrity Grillers were former athletes themselves. José Dieudonné, Arcadia’s Chief Information Officer, played soccer for the Haitian National Team. View more photos at


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