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November 30, 2010 at 4:08 pm

Annual Report: A Plan To Get Alumni Involved With Arcadia

“In January of 2010, President Jerry Greiner appointed the President’s Task Force on Alumni Relations to develop a plan that would raise alumni participation to historic new levels,” writes Georgene Pilling ’04M, Director of Alumni Relations, in the 2010 Annual Report.

“The President’s Task Force was headed by Charles Lenz ’03M and Kimberly Sterner-Stein ’88. The President received the Task Force recommendations in the spring of 2010 and formed an Implementation Committee to put them into action, with an over-arching goal of substantially increasing alumni engagement with the University within five years.

“An engaged alumni stays informed about Arcadia, gets involved as a volunteer, attends a University event, gives a monetary gift—and shows pride in Arcadia.” Read more about the alumni survey and Task Force recommendations in the Annual Report.


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