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April 8, 2011 at 2:35 pm

Business Briefing Launches with Expert Relationship Marketing Advice

Business Briefing Launches with Expert Relationship Marketing Advice

Joleen Jaworski, Dr. Tony Muscia and Dr. Erik Nelson.

The Business Briefing Speakers Series kicked off on Wednesday, April 6, with expert tips on relationship marketing from Joleen Jaworski ’08M.B.A., President and Co-owner of Business Clubs America of Philadelphia. Guests were welcomed to Arcadia University’s new King of Prussia Campus with a complimentary breakfast and a tour of the facility.

Jaworski, whose business focuses on building relationships, increasing sales and promoting member businesses, stressed the importance of attracting, maintaining and enhancing long-term business relationships and the value of going above and beyond short-term networking. She encouraged guests to build strong connections with other professionals through simple steps such as sharing common experiences, maintaining regular communication about business and personal interests, and helping others with a goal before trying to benefit from them. “The most successful companies are those that made it a priority to consistently add value to their relationships,” she said. “Every company has inventory and assets, and if you look at a relationship as an asset to your company, you’re already ahead of the game.”

Jaworski equated successful business relationships to romantic relationships, in that both efforts require trust, understanding and respect. She noted that business relationships cannot be overlooked and that it’s essential for companies to maintain a connection with their clients and an active commitment to success. “If your business takes a relationship for granted, the connection is neglected and the company suffers,” she said.

Guests left the presentation with knowledge about marketing outreach methods, the stages of company growth, and a piggy bank souvenir as a reminder from Jaworski that “relationships are like banks: You can’t make a withdrawal unless you’ve made a deposit.”

Read about Jaworski’s presentation on the BCA Philadelphia blog and register to attend upcoming presentations at


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