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April 5, 2011 at 4:00 pm

Theater Arts Students Raise $800 for Charity

Theater Arts Students Raise $800 for Charity

The students hosted a bake sale in The Chat to raise funds for charity.

Seniors in Arcadia’s Theater Arts program took part in the Walk for Water at Villanova University on Sunday, April 3.  “Participating in the Walk was part of a public service project undertaken by the Theater Arts Class of 2011 to benefit Water for Waslala: a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to addressing the water crisis that plagues the Waslala region of central Nicaragua,” says Jonathan Shandell, Assistant Professor of Theater Arts.

“By hosting a bake sale in The Chat and soliciting donations from friends and family, the students raised more than $800 for the charity. All told, the Walk for Water drew 325 walkers who collectively raised $20,000 to bring clean water to the people of Waslala.”


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