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September 2, 2011 at 3:30 pm

New Fitness Center Attracts 300 Participants Opening Day

Just in time for the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester, the new Fitness and Commons Sports Training Center officially opened on Aug. 31. Attracting more than 300 participants in the first day, the renovated, two-story facility offers a variety of equipment and is for everyone, from the casual user to the fitness enthusiast.

“With two new, fully equipped fitness rooms, there are a few new rules to keep the rooms clean, organized and accessible to everyone, as well as keeping the training environment safe for participants,” says Coach Rick Brownell, who spearheaded the interior design of the new facilities with additional input from coaches and trainers.

Two student workers will be present at the entrance of each room during all hours of operation. There will be no entry without a valid Arcadia University ID. No food or beverages are permitted with the exception of water, and proper exercise attire is essential, including exercise footwear.

“It is also very important to keep the rooms neat and organized,” says Brownell. “We’re insisting that people return all pieces back to their proper storage place as well as wiping down machines and pads in their area when finished. So many students, staff and faculty appreciate the new fitness centers, so we ask that everyone help us maintain these special areas for the benefit of all for years to come.”

The upstairs Fitness Center includes 24 pieces of cardiovascular equipment, including 10 treadmills, nine ellipticals, four bikes and one rower. In addition, there are 12 state-of-the-art Paramount machines as well as other supportive exercise equipment.

The downstairs Commons Sports Training Center has hundreds of advanced exercise equipment designed specifically for athletes who require high-intensity training. It features a state-of-the-art Anaerobic Speed Circuit where athletes can push beyond their agility needs. The circuit includes Depth-Jump Boxes, VertiMax Trainers, Medicine-Ball Racks, Agility Ladders, and a variety of cones and agility options.

There are a few additional rules and regulations for the Sports Training Center. Participants are asked to consult the posted rules list or a student worker with any questions.



  1. Where exactly is this center and the entrance for this center located?

  2. The new Fitness and Commons Sports Training Center can be accessed from the north entrance of the Kuch Center. Upon entering, the Commons Sports Training Center is just to the right and the Fitness Center is upstairs, directly above it.

  3. Will the fitness center be expanded once the student center is opened this fall?

  4. The fitness center, with the exception of a few minor pieces of equipment and wall art, is complete.

  5. I’ve passed a few times on my way to Knight Club practices, and my Yoga course- and I am sure I know the answer to this question… but it didn’t hurt to ask. The only students allowed to use the downstairs Sports Training Center- are athletes? So members of Knight Club (Dance), or Puro Ritmo (Dance) or Arcadia’s Step wouldn’t be able to use it? I’m just a KC member, but some students were wondering if the University considered KC a sport, although we don’t have a coach, but we have a certain amount of practices a week. Either way, the upstairs one looks great! I can’t wait to visit though!

  6. All students are permitted to use the Sports Training Center with a valid ID. However, participants are cautioned that it is a high-intensity space; many pieces of equipment require prior training to avoid injury.

  7. Where are the pool hours posted for open lap swimming?

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