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November 9, 2011 at 2:00 pm

Politicate Engages Campus with ‘Why Occupy?’

By Laura Haeberle ’14 and David Jacobs 14

Students and faculty gathered in The Chat on Nov. 3 for a discussion on the worldwide Occupy Movement. The event, titled “Why Occupy?”, included guest speakers Dr. Samer Abboud, Assistant Professor of History and International Studies, Dr. Dina Pinsky, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Dr. Angela Kachuyevski, Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Arcadia’s International Peace and Conflict Resolution master’s program and Dr. Ana Maria Garcia, Assistant Professor and Chair of Sociology.

The Chat was decorated with thought-provoking posters, and news coverage of the Occupy movement was streaming in the background. Students and faculty sat together and discussed the details of the movement, the possible effectiveness, and how Arcadia could uniquely contribute.

The event was very successful, and the Arcadia community was able to realize and share a passion for civic and social engagement. A Facebook page, Arcadia Civic Engagement, was formed following the discussion. It will be used as a place to bring together all political groups on campus, and set up civic engagement opportunities.

The event was sponsored by Politicate, a new civic awareness club on campus. Their mission is to focus on Arcadia and its surrounding communities to increase awareness about the rights people have and what they can do to participate in their local and national government, with an emphasis on voter participation. They are planning numerous political events on campus, and will be looking to expand following the fall 2011 semester.  If you are interested in becoming a member of Politicate, email

Politicate’s next event will be open to all Arcadia students. On Saturday, Nov. 12, join Politicate for Revolutionary Manhunt on the brand new Haber Green. The classic playground game will begin at 5:30 p.m., and free tea, hot chocolate, and s’mores will be served outside of Dilworth Hall following the event.

Politicate is also planning a student-based debate on Sunday, Nov. 20, from 6 to 9 p.m. in Stiteler Auditorium.  The college Democrats, Republicans, and Independents will face off in a traditional debate style forum with the help of their club sponsors and local politicians. Following each student generated topic, the debate will be opened up for a question and answer session for any follow up questions directed at the student debaters, club sponsors, or politicians. Politicate hopes to heighten student awareness and inspire a passion for government throughout Arcadia.



  1. I hope Arcadia wouldn’t contribute to this very counterproductive movement that supports Communism, as ironic as that is. People in the occupy movement don’t even realize by “standing up” for what they want is exactly supporting what they don’t want in the first place. It makes no sense at all.

  2. To Steff:

    This movement is not counterproductive, there are many different opinions and demands that would benefit a majority of the individuals in society. The protesters do not want “Communism” they was direct democracy, where the electoral college does not pick and choose the winners, and where money does not equal speech. If anything they are fighting for basic human rights that all humans, Americans or not, deserve such as access to education, decent healthcare, and not participating in baseless wars. Maybe there is a socialist undercurrent, but research must be done before making such a comment as this movement supports communism, because communism is a extreme subcategory of socialism. This movement is also not anti-capitalist, it is anti-crony capitalism. Ending the fed, ending the wars, getting money out of politics, congressional term limits, and potential for a multi-party system.

  3. “research must be done before making such a comment as this movement supports communism, because communism is [an] extreme subcategory of socialism”…”ending the fed, ending wars..” …Next they’ll be wanting a utopia! Good on paper, doesn’t work in the real world.

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