January 10, 2012 at 3:30 pm

New ‘Gateway Society’ Recognizes University’s Largest Annual Fund Donors

Building on the success of At Home & In the World: The Campaign for Arcadia University, the University has established a Gateway Society for donors making a contribution of $25,000 or more to the Annual Fund in any one year. The funds contributed by Gateway Society members will be used by President Carl (Tobey) Oxholm III to support projects that are very important to the strategic development of the University and are in addition to what is in the current year’s approved budget.

“This fund will help us get a faster start on achieving our potential,” says President Oxholm. “The annual budget as approved by the Trustees sets the University’s priorities of the year; this fund will give me the ability to fund other projects that I believe are key to our success.”

Examples might include providing start-up funding for innovative research projects and new academic programs, faster implementation of classroom technologies, internships and scholarships for students, supporting performing, fine and graphic arts programs, globalizing the Glenside campus, and increasing service to the community.

“As President Oxholm declared soon after he arrived on campus, Arcadia is a gateway to the world,” says Madeline J. Stein ’68, Chair of the University Advancement Committee, who with Rosemary Deniken Blankley 57, 06H National Chair of Leadership Gifts, and University Board member Gerald B. Rorer were instrumental in envisioning and forming the Society. “Through us, thousands of students each year are confronted with and come to respect different cultures, traditions and beliefs. The Gateway Society recognizes the critical importance of our University’s mission. I invite all to help us in that noble quest—educating citizens who feel at home in the world.”

She and her husband, Isaac Stein 11H, were among the first to join. Individuals who join before May 31, 2013, qualify as Charter Members.

Membership in the Gateway Society is a demonstration of pride and confidence in the unique education that Arcadia University has been providing for more than 150 years and for which the institution has earned international respect. It is an opportunity for those who have had life-changing experiences here, as students or employees, to join with the President Oxholm and his wife, Kim, (who were the first to become Society members) in investing in the University’s future.

For more information on the new Gateway Society, please contact Nick Costa, Vice President for University Advancement, 215-572-2781, Donors who designate their contributions of more than $25,000 in any one year for specific projects (such as scholarships) will continue to be recognized as members of the Renaissance Society. Only unrestricted gifts are included within the Annual Fund.


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