February 24, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Judith Taylor Gallery: Perdue and Wagner Present ‘Plasmic Exploration,’ through March 3

Art and Design majors Amy Perdue ’12 and Kat Wagner ’12 take on the white cube style space of the Judith Taylor Gallery in Landman Library in their two-person show, Plasmic Exploration, on display through March 3.

Perdue’s major concentration is sculpture while Wagner’s is metals and jewelry. Their use of diverse materials—moss, bones, paper, metals, insulation spray, sausage casings and more—make for an exciting exhibition. Perdue and Wagner explain their intentions for Plasmic Exploration, saying:

When creating inanimate works from a personal perspective there are many views one can take on in exploration into meaning. However, when producing the same work to be observed by a public audience questions arise as to the relationships and viewpoints they, as an individual, may place upon a piece. By creating a body of work with a series of objects increasing in number each viewer can witness the interconnections between each of the forms to create their own personal narratives. Each piece is titled “Friends” with the following subsequent number to demonstrate demographically the sociological interactions we have within our own lives and how they can be transformed symbolically into inanimate forms that take on organic configurations suggesting life, or lack there of.


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