February 7, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Judith Taylor Gallery: Two Students Present ‘Aporia,’ through Feb. 18

Aporia, a two-person show featuring art students Sarah Graybill and Chelsea Bucsek, is in the Judith Taylor Gallery in Arcadia University’s Landman Library from Feb. 5-18.

Aporia, meaning puzzlement, confusion, and or doubt, provides a motif that pulls the work of two Arcadia University artists together. The dark masquerade feel is one that is almost dreamlike, creating the motif.

Graybill uses inspiration based on traditional Japanese folklore to fuel her mixed media work. The kitsune, or Japanese fox, appears throughout many of her works because of its deceptive nature. The abilities of the creature, which Graybill describes as “…a variety of fascinating powers such as shapeshifting into human form, emitting firelight from their tails, and creating illusions meant to dupe gullible humans,” all appear in her own kitsunes.

Bucsek also plays on feelings of concealed identity. Bucsek’s work focuses on a more anatomical form, the skull. Her use of oils on canvas as well as hardboard gives her the ability to achieve the dream-like imagery she seeks.

“While both artists have very different subject matter, the show becomes cohesive because of its dark nature. Thus leaving the viewer with exactly what the title, Aporia, means: a sense of puzzlement,” says Carole Loeffler, Assistant Professor of Art and Design

The Judith Taylor Gallery is a “white cube” space suited for student-curated group shows and class projects. Individual submissions by students will be considered.


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