August 6, 2012 at 9:13 am

School of Global Business Announces Center for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Enterprises

Arcadia University announces the opening of the new Center for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Enterprises at the School of Global Business that will help students gain knowledge and best practices for a real-world environment. The university aims to leverage its leadership in preparing graduates for a global marketplace with the creation of the center.

“This is a key initiative for Arcadia,” says Arcadia University President Carl (Tobey) Oxholm III. “It acknowledges that a significant percentage of our young people today are taking their academic knowledge and creative skills directly from college into small business.”

The School of Global Business recognizes the importance of expanding the opportunities for ‘lab work’ in the social sciences, and is eager to give more students practical experience. “This is an approach to education that has been Arcadia’s hallmark for decades,” states Oxholm. “It will allow the university to be of greater service in the local communities of Cheltenham, Abington, and Philadelphia.”

The center will identify and create partnerships with students, alumni, local businesses and not-for-profit organizations. In addition, the center aims to provide a variety of seminars, mentoring programs, internships, and consultant engagements with companies. Integrating classroom teaching and business practices will provide research and experiential opportunities for students and faculty.

With a mission to encourage entrepreneurial thinking, the School of Global Business faculty, students and staff are passionate about entrepreneurship and the impact it will have in the region. “Entrepreneurship is a major aspect of our economy that offers both employment opportunities and income accumulation,” says Dr. NJ Delener, Founding Dean of the School of Global Business. “The Center for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Enterprises is developed to meet the needs of students who have varied backgrounds in entrepreneurial ventures, who are part of a family business, or who are interested in starting a business when they graduate.”

Arcadia’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Enterprises will offer assistance to qualified local small businesses and non-profits. Arcadia’s pool of top students in the School of Global Business will share their expertise and provide consultation services in most functional areas including, but not limited to, marketing, advertising, human resources, strategic planning, and operations. “Small business is what drives the American economy,” says Delener.

“The Center for Entrepreneurship is important because it is where young talents are cultivated and channeled for the purpose of benefitting society and making a living through it,” says Provost Dr. Steve O. Michael. “Entrepreneurship means looking for the needs of society and looking for creative means to meet those needs and to do it at a profit. Setting up a center that will attract young people and equip them with the knowledge and the skills to be able to do that is a very important goal of a progressive school of business.”

Small businesses looking for support in the specified functions should contact the Center for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Enterprises in the School of Global Business, call 215-572-2891.


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