September 26, 2012 at 11:29 am

Wearable Art Show: An Art Exhibition That Walks the Runway, Oct. 3

Wearable sculpture from past shows.

Wearable sculpture from past shows.

Studio Art Foundations students will present the annual Wearable Art Show on Wednesday, Oct. 3, at 5 p.m. on Haber Green (rain location: Commons Great Room). Get ready to see the art exhibition that can walk. This year more than 60 Studio Art Foundations students will debut wearable sculpture they have made inspired by an investigation of identity. Come watch as they strut their stuff, flex their art-making muscles, and become initiated in what has quickly become a tradition for Arcadia.

“The Wearable Sculpture show is an important rite of passage for students in Studio Art Foundations,” says Carole Loeffler, Associate Professor of Art and Design and Area Head for Foundations. “It’s great because they learn how to create art for an audience outside of the classrooms in Murphy Hall.” Loeffler has been running the event for five consecutive years and has seen students transform themselves into everything from walking castles to all-seeing eyeballs.

Katie Rauth, who is pursuing a B.F.A. in Sculpture with a concentration in Pre-Art Therapy, participated in the Studio Art Foundations Wearable Art Show in 2010. She turned her head into a birdcage for the project and remembers the event well. “The whole experience was definitely a leap of faith,” she says. “These Foundations students are putting themselves out there to show what they can do.  It’s good for students to see what their peers are doing at the beginning and to see the progress they make throughout their college career, culminating in Senior Thesis. Plus, I think it really helps to start college by putting your all into something that your peers will see.”

The artwork in this year’s event will invite the audience to explore many questions: Can you imagine a different version of yourself? Have you considered the complexities of disguise? What does a superhero that has never existed before look like?

Each Studio Art Foundations student has made large-scale wearable sculpture, and the artwork will shimmy, slither, waddle, razzle and dazzle down the runway before your very eyes.  There will be things you’ve never seen before and friends you’ll no longer recognize. Complete with a DJ, popcorn and the Arcadia community, this annual art event is not to be missed.


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