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September 14, 2012 at 12:32 pm

Edtech Digest: Alter Stays a Step Ahead on Campus-Wide Wireless

Edtech Digest recently published “Enabling the University Campus for Tomorrow, Today” by Arcadia University Vice President and Chief Information Officer Steven Alter. In the article, Alter discusses strategies for staying current with campus wireless connectivity and securities.

The campus environment is constantly evolving. A CIO must continue to ask the following questions: What will the classroom of the future look like? How should a CIO provide expandable and reliable network capabilities? What devices will students and faculty alike use to connect into the network in order to enhance the pedogological experiences? With respect to today’s wireless and open network at Arcadia and with the engineering performed, we can provide secure access to any device that requires network connectivity. Today, Arcadia has enabled the university’s network needs for tomorrow.

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