December 20, 2012 at 4:44 pm

Alumna’s Gift Helps Expand New Campus Tradition

Shabbat-giftsWith a recent initiative to promote and expand Jewish life on campus, Julie Benioff, Arcadia’s recently appointed Rabbinic Intern, and Hillel have established Shabbat as a campus tradition. “What we’ve tried to do is create something that everybody can relate and connect to no matter what their knowledge level and experience is of Judaism,” says Benioff. “We had to strike a balance because everyone has a different knowledge level.”

After learning about the efforts to reinvigorate Arcadia’s Jewish community, Lyanne Lindo Wassermann ’61 was compelled to contribute in her own way.

Wassermann contributed items for the Shabbat services, including a Shabbat set and Havdallah set. In addition to the items, which are now used for the Shabbat dinners, Wassermann has also made an inaugural financial gift to support the renewal of Jewish life on campus. Wassermann hopes that others who are interested will join her and add to the fund that will be available to sustain the events and activities.

Photo: gifts donated by Lyanne Lindo Wassermann ’61 to be used during Shabbat dinners


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