December 19, 2012 at 3:02 pm

Preview Leaders Announced for Spring 2013

Preview Leaders Announced for Spring 2013

Photo from Scotland Preview by Jordan Richards ’15.

Janice Finn, Associate Dean for International Affairs, has announced the faculty and staff members selected for Preview,  the annual Arcadia spring break tradition since 1994.

Preview is a spring break experience for first-year students and transfer students at Arcadia University. Arcadia faculty and staff mentors lead the students on Preview. For more information about Preview, visit www.arcadia.edu/preview.

Archaeology and the Classical Culture of Storytelling (Athens, Greece)

Metropole Berlin

  • Peter Appelbaum, School of Education
  • JoLynne Bremmer, University Relations

Goal! Socio-Cultural Significance of Football in Brazil

  • Douglas Michele Turco, TCGS
  • Donna Sabella, TCGS

The Wild, Wild East: From Silk Road to Superinformation Highway (Xi’An, China)

  • Kathleen Pearle, HAPS
  • Jan Finn, OIA

Cuba: Myths and Realities

  • Ana Maria Garcia, Sociology, Anth, CJ
  • Meredith Mashner, OIA

Two Irelands, One Island 

  • Tim Barton, TCGS
  • Lisa Scholly, School of Global Business
  • Dan Brumbach, University Relations

Fiction and Film in Edinburgh

  • Josh Isard, English
  • Jim Mooney, Arcadia’s Edinburgh Center
  • Anne Leonard, Undergraduate/Graduate Studies

The West of Ireland: Galway, Connemara and the Aran Islands

  • Jeanne Buckley, GIS
  • MaryAnne Worrell, Art

Jerusalem: Major Religions in a Divided Land

  • Jan Tecklin, PT
  • Karen Sawyer, PT/Religion

Nature, Bilingualism and Education at Home and in the Cloud Forest (Costa Rica)

  • Ellen Skilton-Sylvester, School of Education
  • Kate Bryant, OIA

Visual Awareness: Art & Culture of South Korea

  • Abbey Ryan, Art
  • June Lee, Art

The Goodwill Ambassadors  (London, UK)

  • Chris Cerski, HAPS
  • Clare Papay, School of Education
  • April Wanser, GIS

Service Learning in Mexico

  • Alan Powell, Communications
  • Hilary Dick, HAPS

Paris, The City of Light: From Medieval to Modern Metropolis

  • Bonnie Hayes, Art
  • Alayne Wood, HAPS

Romania: Cultural Crossover and Change

  • Bill Meiers, English
  • Rhiannon Visinsky, English

The Eternal City: Rome

  • Geoff Haywood, HAPS
  • Raffaele Furno, TCGS’ Rome Center
  • Cait Mizanin, Student Affairs

This Sea is Not My Home: Immigration, Migration, and Social Justice in the Sicilian Context

  • Michelle Reale, GIS
  • Stefania Panebianco, TCGS’ Siracusa Center
  • Lauretta Bushar, Biology

Between Calypso and Carnival: Multiculturalism and Globalization in Trinidad and Tobago 

  • Chris Brown, HAPS
  • Doreen Loury, Sociology, Anthr, CJ

Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité: Paris from 1789 to the Present

  • Edith Stetser, Modern Languages
  • Christine Litwin, Enrollment Management

Music and Culture of Austria

  • Elizabeth Murphy, Music
  • Amanda Zimmerman, TCGS

Food Cultures of Italy

  • Andee Sorenson, Modern Languages
  • Kristin Von Nieda, PT
  • Chris Piazza-Reim, OIA

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