February 8, 2013 at 4:39 pm

Register Now: Online Graduate Business Courses Available This Spring

Two graduate courses in business are available for enrollment this spring. Each seven-week course is offered fully online from March 3 through April 20. Students may register for a course on a non-matriculated basis or apply for admission into an associated graduate business certificate program such as Leadership, Finance or Entrepreneurship.

Global Organizational Development: The Evolving Challenge (BA604.OL), through the application of practical readings and applications, is designed to demonstrate how modern organizations use systems and processes thinking to successfully implement change. The course studies organizational development challenges in the domestic and international context and examines managing approach strategies for establishing a competitive position in an international market. Students assess, evaluate and analyze organizational culture, structure and dynamics to better adapt and appraise change management strategy to implement and prescribe structure in the global environment.

Securities Analysis (BA681.OL) provides a comprehensive study of portfolio management techniques and a detailed comparison of security valuation techniques. It further analyzes the historical growth patterns and valuation models utilized in both domestic and global securities markets.

Students may enroll for a course by sending an e-mail request to with the course code, section and term. Students will receive registration confirmation via email.

Get more information and view the full list of graduate certificates in business.

Find out more about the graduate business program at Arcadia University.


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