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March 4, 2013 at 4:57 pm

Oomph Appoints Aiello ’06M as Marketing and Recruiting Coordinator

Alyson Aiello ’06M, a graduate of Arcadia University’s English graduate program, is the new Boston-based Marketing and Recruiting Coordinator for the web development strategy agency Oomph. Her appointment was officially announced on Feb. 26:

As a professional writer with a background in marketing, public relations, journalism and creative fiction, Alyson knows how to tell a good story, too. We’ve brought her on to tell ours.

Since joining the team, she’s been busy getting the word out about Oomph on our blog and social media networks, and expanding our efforts to grow our team with the best and brightest. Alyson also manages our site content, including our client portfolio.

Read the full announcement.


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