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April 15, 2013 at 5:41 pm

Preview Photo Contest Winners Announced at Global Expo

More than 850 photos were submitted for consideration in Arcadia University’s 2013 Preview Photo Contest. Here are the results, as announced at Global Expo on April 12.

Grand Prize Winners

Juliana Weathers, Theme 1, Sicily, International Studies

Juliana Weathers, Sicily


Marissa Warren ’13, Theme 2, Belize ID, History

Marissa Warren ’13, Belize (ID Course)


Honorable Mention

Ryan Carson-Burch ’16, Theme 1, Athens, Greece, Psychology

Ryan Carson-Burch ’16, Athens, Greece


Megan D’Avella ’16, Theme 3, Paris, Art Education

Megan D’Avella ’16, Paris


Quincy Yves Krstic ’16, Theme 2, Greece, International Studies

Quincy Yves Krstic ’16, Greece


Kelsey Koch ’16, Theme 1, Rome, Italy, Biology

Kelsey Koch ’16, Rome, Italy


Amber Heere-MacLeod ’16, Theme 4, Galway, Ireland, Elementary Education

Amber Heere-MacLeod ’16, Galway, Ireland


Jake Lindenau ’16, Theme 2, Berlin

Jake Lindenau ’16, Berlin


Juan Antonio Lopez ’16, Theme 2, Havana, Undecided

Juan Antonio Lopez ’16, Havana, Cuba


Zoe Capcara ’16, Theme 1, Seoul, South Korea, Art Therapy

Zoe Capcara ’16, Seoul, South Korea


Janelle Crilley ’16, Theme 4, Costa Rica, Spanish

Janelle Crilley ’16, Costa Rica


Mary Geletka ’16, Theme 4, Xi'an, China, History

Mary Geletka ’16, Xi’an, China


Alexandra Ann Dark ’14, Theme 1, Jerusalem, History

Alexandra Ann Dark ’14, Jerusalem


Kristi Fanelli ’14, Theme 1, Austria, Accounting

Kristi Fanelli ’14, Austria



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  1. cindy kimmel says:

    You all did an amazing job with these photo’s! I loved being able to live vicariously through these pictures. congrats to the winners!

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