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April 2, 2013 at 4:04 pm

Riggan Contributes Piece to Discussion on ‘Critical Methodologies’

Dr. Jennifer Riggan, Assistant Professor of International Studies, published a piece on The Disorder of Things, a “group blog devoted to the critical inquiry of global politics, but with a Decided Preference for the exploration of the Normative, the Philosophical, and then Polemical.” Titled “In Praise of Question Marks: Reflections on ‘Critical Methodologies: Narrative Voice and the Writing of the Political – The Limits of Language,’” the piece is the sixth post in a collaborative mini-forum on critical methodologies and narrative.

Riggan joined professors and students from academic settings around the world to contribute to the ongoing discussion of “how narrative writing, including storytelling, autoethnography, and other forms of creative expression are currently altering the provenance of International Relations knowledge.”


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