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July 24, 2013 at 2:31 pm

Reale ’99M Publishes Fourth Chapbook Collection of Poetry

Michelle Reale ’99M, faculty librarian, has just had her fourth chapbook collection of poetry published by Červená Barva Press. It is titled This is Not a Moment in Which You Should Remain Calm.

Writing about the collection, the poet Sonia Elizabeth Di Placido states:

Reale’s poems evoke a deep confessional visitation between the connecting North African landscape and Southern Italian Etruscan bloodlines. She has taken the sparse stones found among the terrain’s ruins and placed them one by one, each carefully aligned in unique prosaic consciousnesses that offer new and alluring formations of the old. Her rhythms are rough in prose, often at the edge as a stone cut at various angles, yet continuous and steadfast. The sensation of the hard and quick gallop of a horse through this horizon of remains and longing is heard. The fortitude of trudging onward, of seeing ruinous sights combined with delicious heated passions, leave the reader sweltering and swollen, understanding the validity of bruises.


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