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August 9, 2013 at 11:51 am

Arcadia-initiated Gallery Exhibit Garners Rave Reviews in New York City

Francis Cape: Utopian Benches at Arcadia University

Utopian Benches, a project by British sculptor and master woodworker Francis Cape, on view at the Murray Guy Gallery in New York City through Aug. 9, has been gaining critical acclaim this summer. The exhibition, which was fostered by and first displayed at Arcadia University Art Gallery in 2011, explores the juncture between craft and belief using reconstructions of benches from various 19th-century utopian communities, such as the Shakers, the Oneida Perfectionists, and the nearby Ephrata Cloister.

“Francis Cape’s latest work is an extraordinary gathering of faith-based furniture—further proof that God actually may be in the details,” writes senior New York Times art critic Roberta Smith, who praised the exhibition’s exploration of the “physical and spiritual aspects of craft and design.”

The exhibition was not only designated as a New York Times’ Critics’ Pick but was also called “one of New York’s most surprising and rewarding summer gallery exhibitions” by New York Observer critic Andrew Russeth.



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