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October 28, 2013 at 1:02 pm

Arcadia Launches Student Blog Site

Student Orientation Event in Philadelphia

Innovative eating habits. Roommates studying abroad. A blimp over Glenside.

These are just three of the informative and quirky entries found on Arcadia University’s new blog site, Because Arcadia, which follows 12 students as they catalog the delights and occasional difficulties of undergraduate life.

“Arcadia is a place full of stories worth telling,” said global media major and blogger Francesca Mayr ’16. “The blog will serve as a platform for these day-to-day occurrences that may not be news-worthy enough to get coverage in The Bulletin, but are nevertheless important for understanding what it means to be an Arcadian.”

At Because Arcadia, current and prospective students, faculty, and staff can find out about new things going on at Arcadia, browse through pictures of life on and off campus, or just enjoy reading about their fellow Knights’ experiences, including over-dressing on the first day of an internship and confusing Michael’s the craft store with the diner across the street from Arcadia.

“Written from varied, personal perspectives, blog posts demonstrate what is possible here,” Mayr added. “They offer insight into everything from campus culture to academics to the surrounding community to study abroad directly from the horse’s mouth.”

As a freshman navigating university life for the first time, English major Jamie Stewart ’17 is anxious to give prospective students an insider’s look at Arcadia life.

“You can tour the campus and scour the website, you can even get that big book of college facts, but nothing can tell you more about a place than the people who’ve experienced it firsthand,” she said.

To catch a glimpse into these students’ worlds, check in with for weekly updates.

Photo by Rob Hill


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