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October 14, 2013 at 4:42 pm

Wertime to Present Teaching Strategies to North Penn High School’s English Faculty

Dr. Richard Wertime

Dr. Richard Wertime

Dr. Richard Wertime, professor of English, has been invited by North Penn High School to return as a professional consultant to offer the members of its English Department a series of “refreshment seminars” on what the school, for the past 20 years of continuous use in its English classrooms, has referred to as the “Wertime Heuristic,” a strategy for helping writing students learn to understand how not to repeat the self-evident in the writing they do. On in-service days, in early December and then again in mid-February, Wertime will coach the entire English Department in the most effective means of presenting the heuristic to students so they can put it to immediate use in their writing.


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