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November 22, 2013 at 2:44 pm

Trustees Visit American Graduate School, Lichtenstein Exhibit in France

While in Paris, the Trustees toured the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at the Centre Pompidou with President Nicolette DeVille Christensen and Arcadia University Gallery Director Richard Torchia.

While in Paris, the Trustees toured the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at the Centre Pompidou with President Nicolette DeVille Christensen and Arcadia University Gallery Director Richard Torchia.

Furthering the mission of Arcadia University, a nationally recognized leader in international education, Arcadia’s Board of Trustees has a unique responsibility to the institution—all term trustees are responsible to observe firsthand a global program run by Arcadia.

In October, five Arcadia University trustees led a group to Paris, France, to visit the American Graduate School (AGS). The group met with students, faculty, and staff to learn about the curriculum and the relationship between Arcadia and AGS. While in Paris, the group also toured the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit at the Centre Pompidou; the exhibit has a special connection with Arcadia, as Lichtenstein’s wife, Dorothy Herzka, attended the university in the 1950s.

“It is the trustees’ responsibility to have an overall knowledge of the University, which includes its study abroad programs that set our University apart,” said Trustee Lyanne Wassermann ’61, who traveled with her husband, Barry. “We speak so often of the need for globalization in University education and found this to be a perfect example.”

The trustees who visited AGS, which specializes in International Relations and Diplomacy as well as International Business, learned about the core program in International Relations and Diplomacy, which is accredited through Arcadia. Programs are taught in English and are based on the American educational system, while integrating French cultural and academic resources. The group also met with several faculty members, administrators, and academic support staff at AGS, including Ruchi Anand, senior associate professor of International Relations; Wilfried Bolewski, professor of Diplomacy and International Law; Alexis Delabre, chairman of the Board of AGS; Matthew Delabre, administration coordinator; Manlio Graziano, assistant professor of Geopolitics; Joyce Lee, vice president for alumni relations; Eileen Servidio, president of the School of International Relations and Diplomacy; Ashley Stepanek, academic coordinator; Joav Toker, associate professor of Global Communications and International Affairs; Jennifer Wright, study abroad coordinator; and Douglas Yates, professor and member of the Academic Committee.

Moreover, the trustees engaged with several Arcadia students while in Paris, including Christine Brownfield ’14, director of the AGS Model United Nations team; Stefan De Las ’14; Desiree Moore ’12, ’14M; Stephanie Mertens, The College of Global Studies’ study abroad student at AGS; and Patrick Clairzier ’09M, Matthew Wood ’14, Bita Beni ’14, Kesi Lumumba ’14, Caitlyn Guthrie ’14, Allison Wilson ’14, and graduate student William Kuhn.

“As a trustee at Arcadia, I am interested in all that goes on at AU,” said Trustee Jean Hassler 00M. “I learn best with direct involvement, and visiting our Paris facility gave me and my husband [John] a fuller understanding of the school’s global mission and how AU Glenside interfaces with its international partners. The experience was invaluable.”

The group welcomed Richard Torchia, director of the Arcadia University Art Gallery, who led a discussion of the works of Roy Lichtenstein, a leading member of the Pop Art movement, after the group toured the exhibit at the Centre Pompidou. Torchia felt the Lichtenstein retrospective was a revelation in the way that it helped to expand viewers’ perceptions of the influential artist’s contribution to contemporary art and celebrated the prescience of so many of his innovations.

The trip also held special significance for Trustee Marilyn Sunners Cranin ’54, ’96H, who reconnected with Yvette Ballerat Riviere ’53. A Fulbright Scholar and a retired associate professor of economics and American Studies at the Universite Paris IX Dauphine, Riviere lives in Villemomble, France with her husband, Eugene, and attended the Lichtenstein exhibit.

In addition to the Wassermanns, Cranin, and the Hasslers, the group who traveled to Paris included Arcadia Board Member Ted Wood and his wife, Schuy; Board Member Patti DeBow ’02; President Nicolette DeVille Christensen; Special Assistant to the President Eva Korolishin; and Vice President for University Advancement Mary McRae.


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