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December 19, 2013 at 1:46 pm

Preview Leaders Announced

Arcadia student Charlene Grauer '15 snapped this photo during her Preview experience in Granada, Spain.

Arcadia student Charlene Grauer ’15 snapped this photo during her Preview experience in Granada, Spain.

The Office of International Affairs is happy to announce the leadership for the 2014 Preview courses.

“This year’s slate represents a strong contingent of experienced faculty and staff course leaders,” said Warren Haffar, dean of international affairs. More than 5,300 Arcadia undergraduates have participated in the Preview program since 1994, when it was  launched with 140 students and 16 faculty and staff leaders.  As the University enters the program’s 21st year,  60 percent of the Class of 2017 is registered for Preview courses.  Community members are encouraged to mark their calendars for the third annual Preview Global Expo, Friday, April 4, which showcases student research and integrative learning experiences.

Preview Courses and Leaders:

  • Money, War, and Glory in Ancient Greece—Athens, Greece with Stavros Oikonomidis (TCGS, Athens), Sarah McIntosh (TCGS, Glenside), and Natasha Torrence (University Communications)
  • So You Think You Are Irish? Dublin, Ireland and Belfast, Northern Ireland with Tim Barton (TCGS, Glenside) and Christine Mullins (Communications)
  • The Arts, Music, Culture, and People of the West: Galway, Ireland with Jeanne Buckley (Landman Library) and Meredith Davis (English)
  • Classic and Renaissance Rome through Poetry and Art – Rome, Italy with Hugh Grady (English), Meg Nolan (Global Business), and Minisica Morris (Student Affairs)
  • Cultural Crossover and Change – Bucharest, Romania with Bill Meiers (English) and Deborah Falk (Education)
  • Tradition and Modernity – Madrid and Toledo, Spain with Alicia Fernández Barbero (Modern Languages) and Alison Stefanik (Enrollment Management)
  • A Tale of Two Cities: Changing Urban Landscapes—Shanghai and Xi’An, China with Jan Finn (OIA), tbc
  • Music and Culture of Austria—Vienna and Salzburg, Austria with Elizabeth Murphy (Music) and Donna Agnew (Physician Assistant)
  • Nature, Bilingualism and Education at Home and in the Cloud Forest—Monteverde, Costa Rica with Ellen Skilton-Sylvester (Education) and Carly Gellman (TCGS, Glenside)
  • Japan, the Old Heritage and Anime World—Tokyo, Japan with Toshiko Bell (Modern Languages) and Jamar Nicholas (Art)
  • Visual Awareness: Art and Culture of South Korea—Seoul, South Korea with June Yong Lee (Art) and Allison Krosnick (University Communications)
  • Get Your Groove on: Exploring the Urban Music Scene in London and Philadelphia—London, England with Bruce Campbell (Education) and Clare Papay (Education)
  • British Popular Culture: Past and Present—London, England with Nancy Rosoff (Academic Affairs) and Joshua Stern (Student Affairs)
  • Education and Service in Guatemala—Zacapa and Antigua, Guatemala with Erica Davila (Education) and Terry Greiner (Interdisciplinary)
  • Cuba: Myths and Realities—Havana, Cuba with Ana Maria Garcia (Sociology, Anthropology,Criminal Justice) and Graciela Slesaransky-Poe (Education)
  • Granada at the Crossroads—Granada, Spain with Sandi Hordis (OIA/English) and Amy Cox (HAPS)
  • This Sea Is Not My Home: Immigration, Migration and Social Justice in the Sicilian Context—Sicily, Italy with Michelle Reale (Landman Library) and Alayne Wood (OIA)
  • History, Culture and Cuisine: Tuscany in Italian and International Context—Lucca, Italy with Geoff Haywood (HAPS) and David Wood (Enrollment Management)

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