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December 2, 2013 at 4:17 pm

Students Present at National Honors Conference in New Orleans

Honors students Madison Beck ’14, Richard Baker ’14, and Aashika Suseendran ’15 present about “TranscEND: Answering the Call of Women Oppressed.”

Honors students Madison Beck ’14, Richard Baker ’14, and Aashika Suseendran ’15 present about “TranscEND: Answering the Call of Women Oppressed.”

In November, 13 Arcadia University honors students presented research ranging from organic wine to women’s oppression at the National Collegiate Honors Council Annual Conference in New Orleans, La. Helene Klein, co-director of the Honors Program and instructor of English, traveled with the group and also presented at the conference.

The presenters and their projects are listed below.

  • Joseph Spearot ’14 presented “Organic Wine: Viticulture, Vinification, and Cultural Difference in the Winemaking Industry”, about his internship at Lowe Wines in Australia, evaluating differences in viticulture and vinification, organic standards, and health benefits of organic wine.
  • Samantha Weate ’14 presented “How National Identity Plays a Role in Pain Expression Among the Patient Community at a Refugee Polyclinic,” which focused on a case study of homeless and refugee population in Athens and the doctor-patient relationship in pain expression.
  • Christine Bondira ’15 and Aashika Suseendran ’14 presented “Open Arms, Open Doors: Investigating the Effects of Physical Priming on Emotional Disclosure,” about an independent research project testing effectiveness of priming with physical exercises.
  • Rachel Deladesmo ’15 presented “Mean Girls for President: Tweeting and Tumbling about Politics via Pop Culture,” about the power of media and fiction in expressing perspectives, focusing on use of feminist aspect of popular culture.
  • David Klein ’15 presented “Race, Religion, and the Art of the Conjure,” about an analysis of Afro-Carribean religion and folk magic misconceptions.
  • Ashley Walter ’16 presented “Transformation: ‘From Womb to Grave’, ‘Perception of Time’, and ‘Collectivism,’” about the exploration of human development and life choices, experience with time, and tendency toward social unity in three pieces of art.
  • Ashley Parker ’14 presented “The Effects of Bisphenol A (BPA) on Drosophilia Melanogaster,” about the effects of BPA on the fruit fly, focusing on development.
  • Mariah MacKenzie ’16 and Elizabeth Lewis ’16 presented “Scotland: Kickstarting College,” about the advantages and disadvantages of Arcadia’s First-Year Study Abroad Experience (FYSAE), comparing American education systems with those of other countries.
  • Klein presented “Empathy, Motivation, Innovation, and Passion: Explorations in Leadership at Arcadia University” about Honors Leadership I (1 of 2 leadership courses in the Honors Program), focusing on objectives, pedagogy, and successes and failures.
  • Richard Baker ’14, Madison Beck ’14, and Aashika Suseendran ’15 presented “TranscEND: Answering the Call of Women Oppressed,” about an awareness campaign on violence against women. A TranscEND event run by these students took place at Arcadia on Sept. 26.
  • Wendy Gallagher ’14 presented “Innocence Exploited: The Reality of Human Trafficking,” about Camden County College’s Human Trafficking Forum in 2011.

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