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April 30, 2014 at 2:33 pm

130 Employees to Be Recognized at Service Awards Luncheon on May 21

Arcadia University will hold the 2014 Service Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, May 21, in the Great Room of the Commons from noon to 2 p.m. All University community members are invited to attend this event, which is held annually to celebrate faculty and staff who are retiring and to honor faculty and staff for their years of service to the University.

We will celebrate the retirement of Dr. Archie J. Vomachka, Dr. Hugh H. Grady, Jim Bonner, Georgene Pilling, Linda S. Detra, Eddie Frazier, Jim Walker, and Edith Stetster. We will also announce this year’s winners of the Martha Washington Award for Distinguished Service as well as the Cultural Ally Award, and will present to deserving colleagues the Ellington Beavers Fund for Intellectual Inquiry Award and the Dr. Thomas P. Dougherty Endowed Faculty-Student Research Award. RSVP for the luncheon by Monday, May 12.

The following individuals will be honored for Years of Service to Arcadia University:

45 Years

  • Dr. Finbar O’Connor, Philosophy
  • Eddie Frazier, Parkhurst

35 Years

  • Bonnie E. Hayes, Visual and Performing Arts

30 Years

  • Dr. Annette L. Halpin, School of Global Business
  • Mark Lapreziosa, Enrollment Management
  • Amy Miller, Physical Therapy
  • Lewis Motter, Computer Science and Mathematics

25 Years

  • Valerie Barnes, Aramark
  • Dr. Joshua Blustein, Psychology
  • Dr. Peter Campbell, Chemistry and Physics
  • Anna McAleer, School of Global Business
  • Edith Stetser, Modern Languages

20 Years

  • Janice A. Finn, International Affairs
  • John Hagerty, Aramark
  • Marie Duke Murphy, Biology
  • W. Scott Rawlins, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Dr. Jan Motyka Sanders, The College of Global Studies
  • Dr. Karen L. Sawyer, Physical Therapy
  • Nicole T. Zucker, Office of the Registrar

15 Years

  • Richard Darigo, Public Safety
  • Dr. Lynne R. Dorfman, School of Education
  • Thomas J. Hannigan, Public Safety
  • Sharon Knight, Aramark
  • William A. Meiers, English
  • David L. Rudd, The College of Global Studies
  • Christopher R. Sim, Medical Science/Community Health
  • Kelly T. Small, Public Safety
  • Jane Styer-Acevedo, Physical Therapy

10 Years

  • Donna M. Agnew, Medical Science/Community Health
  • Larry Atkins, English
  • Aura Baki, Modern Languages
  • William BoissonnaultAramark
  • Colleen M. Burke, The College of Global Studies
  • Kate Casey, TCGS New Zealand
  • Richard W. Conroy, The College of Global Studies
  • Spencer Davis, School of Education
  • Michelle Dean, Visual & Performing Arts
  • Dr. Kamini Desai-Carroll, Psychology
  • Mary Alice DiFilippo, Student Health Services
  • Mary E. Dress, School of Education
  • Phyllis Feggans, Parkhurst
  • Wayne M. Forte, Public Safety
  • William  Gingrich, Computer Science & Math
  • Karen L. Goldberg, Public Safety
  • Anne Kaier, English
  • Katie Kelly, Human Resources
  • Alisa S. Kleckner, Theater Arts
  • Wendy M. Lombardo, The College of Global Studies
  • Rosa C. McAllister, School of Education
  • Robert E. McKenna, Community & Global Public Health
  • Joseph Michaels, Anthropology, Sociology & Criminal Justice
  • Chandra Nerbecki, Theater Arts
  • Linda Peyton, Seminar
  • Susan Pierce, English
  • Frances Prendergast, Computer Science & Math
  • Alice M. Salvagno, Finance & Administration
  • Dr. Peter T. Siskind, Historical & Political Studies
  • Dr. Ellen Skilton-Sylvester, School of Education
  • Jay I. Slott, Landman Library
  • Donna F. Smith, Registrar’s Office
  • Dr. Sheryl T. Smith, Biology
  • Lak Sphabmixay, Athletics & Recreation
  • Kathryn Spitzer Kim, Genetic Counseling
  • Dr. Scott K. Stackhouse, Physical Therapy
  • Dian Taylor-Alleyne, Student Affairs
  • David K. Trevaskis, School of Education
  • Mark A. Wade, Theater Arts
  • Celeste Walker, Seminar
  • James S. Walker, Student Health Services
  • April M. Wanser, Information Techology
  • Dr. Jerome I. Weiner, School of Education
  • Bernard Wilson, English/Global Connections

5 Years

  • Roland Adjovi, TCGS Glenside/Tanzania
  • Thaddeus A. Basiura, Information Techology
  • Rashad Baucom, Parkhurst
  • Gary Berg, School of Global Business
  • Dr. Christopher A. Binckley, Biology
  • Dr. William G. Boissonnault, Physical Therapy
  • Christine Bomberowich, Visual & Performing Arts
  • Larry Booker, Parkhurst
  • Robyn Catagnus, School of Education
  • Cynthia L. Clarke, Educational Outreach
  • Keith Cook, Parkhurst
  • Francine Deal, Educational Outreach
  • Michael Delhery, School of Global Business
  • Caron E. Dessoye, One Stop Shop
  • Jeanne M. Ervin, Finance & Administration
  • Steven Finestone, School of Global Business
  • Judith Flanigan, Educational Outreach
  • Gudrun J. Frank, Media & Communications
  • Tim Gallagher, Aramark
  • Dr. Jaume Gelaburt, TCGS Spain
  • Jeanette G. Gonglewski, Visual & Performing Arts
  • Karl Horvath, Media & Communications
  • Dr. Shuchen S. Huang, Modern Languages
  • Dr. Michael L. Huber, Medical Science/Community Health
  • William H. Jacobsen, Historical & Political Studies
  • Erin Livingston, Athletics & Recreation
  • Rosaria J. Love, Psychology
  • Catherine Maher, Biology
  • Frankie  Mallis, English
  • Daniel J. Malone, Physical Therapy
  • Marie Manzo, Community & Global Public Health
  • Kathy P. McGovern, Student Health Services
  • Dr. Steve O. Michael, Provost Office
  • Jaime Miller, Graduate & Undergraduate Studies
  • Diana T. Noller, Medical Science/Community Health
  • Robert C. Nydick, Athletics & Recreation
  • Meghan K. O’Meara, Student Health Services
  • Katrina O’Neill, TCGS Australia
  • Jonathan T. Orr, Chemistry & Physics
  • Dr. Brie E. Paddock, Biology
  • Tammi Palagruto, Music
  • Antionette  Peters, Seminar
  • Kimberly Rehak, School of Education
  • Donald Rushton, Visual & Performing Arts
  • Dr. Tanya E. Santangelo, School of Education
  • Daniel L. Schall, English
  • Colleen G. Scott, School of Global Business
  • Alisha Singleton, Parkhurst
  • Cynthia D. Smith, Finance & Administration
  • Allen F. Stewart, Anthropology, Sociology & Criminal Justice
  • Rhianon R. Visinsky, Seminar
  • Margaret K. Walter, The College of Global Studies
  • Dave Washington, Aramark
  • Emily Wescott, TCGS  Great Britain
  • Dwight Willaford, Parkhurst

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