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April 7, 2014 at 5:34 pm

2014 Preview Photo Contest Winners Announced

Eight hundred and twenty photos were submitted for consideration in Arcadia University’s 2014 Preview Photo Contest.

Here are the results, as announced at Global Expo on April 5, 2014.

Grand Prize Winners

Photo by Jennifer Kocsis ’17

Photo by Jennifer Kocsis ’17. Location: Aran Islands, Galway, Ireland.


Photo by Amy Jordan ’17

Photo by Amy Jordan ’17. Location: Mosque in Granada, Spain.



Photo by Sabrina McPherson ’17

Photo by Sabrina McPherson ’17. Location: Seoul, South Korea.


Photo by Amanda Campbell ’17

Photo by Amanda Campbell ’17. Location: Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna, Austria.


Photo by Ximena Perez

Photo by Ximena Perez. Location: Archaeological Park in Siracusa, Sicily.


Honorable Mentions

Photo by Isabela Secanechia ’17

Photo by Isabela Secanechia ’17. Location: Striking a ballet pose (en pointe) in the middle of bustling Shibuya ward in Tokyo, Japan.


Photo by Jocelyn Rasmus ’17

Photo by Jocelyn Rasmus ’17. Location: Camel ride in Morocco.


Photo by Maurice Scott ’17

Photo by Maurice Scott ’17. Location: Students show school pride on Brighton Beach, Brighton, England.


Photo by Alexis Reid ’17

Photo by Alexis Reid ’17. Location: Students explore Dublin Castle in Dublin, Ireland.


Photo by Lucy Pollock ’17

Photo by Lucy Pollock ’17. Location: Reading a fortune in Tokyo, Japan.


Photo by Melissa Anderson ’17

Photo by Melissa Anderson ’17. Location: Students read a live radio drama skit in the BBC studios in London, England.


 Photo by Cody Pepe ’17

Photo by Cody Pepe ’17. Location: Students learn how to dance Flamenco in Madrid, Spain.


Photo by Jacqueline Luthcke ’17

Photo by Jacqueline Luthcke ’17. Location: Feeding the sheep at Killary Sheep Farm in Galway, Ireland.


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