Submission Guidelines

The Office of University Communications has established the following criteria to ensure that The Bulletin is used as intended.

How to Submit an Article

To submit an article for publication in The Bulletin, complete the submission form. Editorial staff will not convert fliers into articles or extract text from other websites, DOCs, PDFs, PUB files, or graphic files.

Point of View

Submissions should be written in the third person, unless they’re personal reflections or essays. Use direct quotes when necessary.

Article Structure

When writing news, use the inverted pyramid method, presenting the the most important info (who, what, when, where and why) at the beginning of the article.

Be sure to include relevant contact information, web addresses, and calls to action.

Featured Areas

To be considered for display in a featured area on the homepage, an article must include a photo or image (landscape orientation preferred). Images can be uploaded along with text using the submission form.

Publicizing Events

Although The Bulletin features some events, it is not the Events Calendar. (Find that here.) Bulletin articles publicizing upcoming events should offer something more than date, time, and location. Include a compelling quote from an event organizer, photos from last year’s event (search: Flickr), a trailer of the movie that’ll be screened (search: YouTube), or music by the artist who’ll be performing on campus (search: SoundCloud).

Consider emailing event notices to Dian Taylor-Alleyne (, who sends a campus-wide email listing upcoming events each week during the fall and spring semesters.

University Relations will edit copy for appropriate style and language. Submissions that do not meet the above criteria will not be included in The Bulletin.